‘You want what?!’ – The Wackiest Landlord and Tenant Requests Revealed!

‘You want what?!’ – The Wackiest Landlord and Tenant Requests Revealed!

Commenting on a Facebook post, property managers spilled the most outrageous and outlandish tenant and owner demands.

Darrenhunter.com ran a competition on Facebook asking PMs the weirdest requests they have been asked by clients and tenants.

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Here are the craziest and funniest comments from the Facebook competition as voted by readers:

Possum power

Tenant: I have no power because possums chewed through the cables.
Me: How do you know that?
Tenant: I heard them.
Me: Have you checked the fuse box?
Tenant: I'll call you back.
Tenant: (calls back) It is working now, the possums must have put the cables back together...
~ Posted by Karla Barlow

‘Christened’ with love

This was a request from my landlords when I had just gone into property management - brand new home and new management. Owners had built the property for themselves but due to work redundancy they had to move back with their parents and rent it out. I had just got PCR and final cleaning done and had a tenant moving in a week later. The owners called me and asked if they can borrow the keys. I said 'sure' assuming they just wanted a last look at the place. I didn't ask any questions, didn't need any answers.... but they elaborated anyway. You see, their anniversary was the next night and they haven't had a chance to live in the house they built for themselves. They wanted to go to the house and *ahem* 'christen' it before anyone else did…
~ Posted by Rebecca Rowe

Not a fan of fertilizer

A tenant requested the owner's permission to mulch the gardens throughout (at the tenants cost). The owner agreed on the condition that the tenant removes the mulch at the end of the tenancy. What the??
~ Posted by Debbie Reagan

Dumb and dumber

Tenant: My griller does not work.
Me: Are you sure? It is a brand new stove.
Tenant: Yes
Me: Would you mind if one of our staff popped over to have a look?
Tenant: Sure
Colleague gets there and the tenant has his cheese on toast in the section underneath the oven (most commonly used for pot storage in my experience). Griller element inside the oven is going full boar! High school science teacher no less!
~Posted by Jenny Williamson

Couch crasher

I had an older lady as an owner. She moved down to Sydney and we leased the house out. She rang to ask me to call the tenants and ask if she could sleep on their couch while she came back up for holidays. Took a while for her to understand that's not how it works.
~ Posted by Cheyenne Newman

House-rattling rock’n’roll

Tenant: My windows rattle, can you have them repaired?
Me: Does this happen mostly when it's windy?
Tenant: No, only when I play loud music.
True story!
~ Posted by Lynne Cassidy

Illegal activity

I have some great ones from tenants but this one left me speechless.
Owner: Can you do us a favour?
Me: What do you need?
Owner: We need to spend a certain amount on our credit card to get rewards, can you process $xxxxx through your EFTPOS every month for us and just deposit it straight back to us?
Me: Um, you know that's money laundering and fraud, right?
Owner: It'll be fine, we won't tell anyone.
That was a very firm NO!
~Posted by Vicky Sorbello

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