Paranormal Activity in Property Management

A rental property has had 'unexplained' encounters of the spooky kind, with the 'devil' in the details- this story and photo was forwarded to us by a concerned SA Property Manager back in April 2016.

She was not sure about the best way to approach this issue with her tenant.

The tenant writes in her email (with the photo above attached)…

"There has been a few issues with the house. I am very concerned about a couple of unexplained things happening.

I’m not sure if you are aware, but someone died in this house about 20 years ago and although this by itself is a bit of a worry, my daughter has had a couple of experiences upstairs, where things have happened and she was too scared to tell me, things breaking, her wall print falling off the wall after being put up several times and her door slamming shut in the middle of the night.

This morning I saw this on the shower floor as I was showering. It was soap residue (see attached picture).

My daughter is too scared to sleep in her room now, and although (name) is away on camp until tomorrow he is always hearing things (unusual for him) and always asking me to shut the bathroom door because he hears banging noises coming from the bathroom and then there is the back corner room that smells musky and kids are too scared to even look at or walk into.

The neighbours also told me a few years back the plumbing in the street was done and under this house was just 5 ft deep of sand.

They thought it was unusual, and I may be reading a bit into that part, until they also told me, the bathroom in this house was then renovated straight after.

Really never been in this situation in any house I've ever lived in so it is a huge worry.

The face in the soap residue this morning when the soap was sitting on the other side of the shower and it wasn't there last night after my daughter showered, and appeared this morning is a huge worry!!

I instantly felt like I needed to get my phone and take a picture of it.

My friends and family and two people that I know who are psychic, spiritual people have all said it’s the face of the Devil and that

I have reason for concern.

I feel a bit silly writing this to you, as I'm not one to believe this kind of thing or let things like this really bother me, but this time it has, and the kids are scared out of their wits."

Darren Hunter (editor) comment - I was forwarded this photo and story by an SA Property Manager while I was attending and speaking at a conference on the Gold Coast in April 2016, and when I saw the photo I must say I was a little 'spooked'!

This issue more than likely falls outside of what a professional property manager can do, or manage.

The tenant comes across as genuine so the worst thing we can do I believe is treat them as 'loony'!

As a former property manager myself I've had properties with 'unexplained' situations with very genuine tenants convinced properties are haunted.

And some things cannot be answered by science.

But my experience was the tenants were not bothered by it, but in this case, they are.

In all, this is a difficult case to manage.

If you were dealing with this tenant and situation, what would you do?

Would you take the tenant seriously or dismiss the tenant as 'crazy'?


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