This Should Only Happen in a Cave!

This Should Only Happen in a Cave!

Stalactites - 30 cm long, coming from ceiling.

When Jackie Thomas-Teague, Director with Rental Results from Lower Hutt- Wellington NZ sent us these pics, we were quite stunned!

Stalactites (come down from above) and stalagmites (come from below) only occur in caves, and (so we are told) and take 'thousands of years' to form!

 Well these photos beg to differ with that opinion, and as you can see with the right conditions, they can form in a short period of time!

Stalagmites found forming on the concrete, below the stalactites.

Here is what Jackie told us in her email when she sent the photos through:

"These photos show stalactites and stalagmites in an apartment store room built into the side of a hill.

Insufficient waterproofing has seen water form these formations from the lime in the concrete building material.

The stalactites are about 30 cm long. Lesson: Be sure the developers know what they are doing, and not taking shortcuts.

This has to be one of the weirdest things I’ve seen in property management, not caving!"

Thanks Jackie for sharing these very unusual photos indeed!


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