Eleven Winning Ways to Get More Done with Your Emails

Eleven Winning Ways to Get More Done with Your Emails

We spend a huge amount of time with emails and they can seem really overwhelming at times, especially for a property manager. Here are some of our best tips to assist you to become a better email warrior!

#1 - Eliminate spam first.

When opening your emails, quickly scan through everything that is not relevant to what you do or need.

Eliminate all of the junk and delete it quickly!

#2 - Unsubscribe to what you don’t need.

If those pesky newsletter emails won’t ever be of any use to you, unsubscribe from them. If they won’t be missed, you don’t need them!

#3 - Place emails into folders.

It’s a pain initially to create email folders and to sort through and file all of those emails, but so is a huge, overstuffed inbox with thousands of emails. Place your emails into client or topic name for retrieval later.

#4 - Tag your emails.

For important emails that regularly come through, tag/filter them so that when they come in again they appear in a folder for filing and also appear in your inbox. When you’re finished with it in your inbox and archive, it’s already in the desired email folder. Not sure how? Dial it up on YouTube!

#5 - Use email templates or canned responses.

Whether you’re using Outlook, Gmail or another email platform, if you’re sending the same email more than once it’s likely that you can create an email template that you can tweak and use again. Not sure how? Dial it up on YouTube and learn how!

#6 - Avoid ping-pong.

If an email is going back and forth more than a couple of times, just get on the phone and sort it out. A phone call will save a thousand words in an email and precious time.

#7 - Multi topics? Consider more than one email.

If you want to discuss more than one topic, you should consider sending a separate email to cover each topic. The reason for this is that your respondent will often only read the first or the last topic in the email and forget or ignore the rest.

#8 - Replying to detailed emails.

When you receive a detailed, long email with lots of things to respond to, rather than formulating a detailed reply, simply hit ‘reply’ and add a line like ‘see below in your email for my responses’ and then type your answers directly into their email text. Use colour, italics or emboldened text to ensure that they can clearly differentiate your answers from their original message.

#9 - Check your spelling and attachments.

Always double check your email before you send it. Re-read it through and make sure everything makes sense. Have you got some silly typo the system didn’t highlight? Have you attached what you said you would? The whole key is that you’re not creating a scenario where you need to touch the email again. Once it’s right, it won’t come back for more work to be done on it.

#10 - Batch your emails.

Attend to your emails in batches in three or four blocks a day. When you’re in email mode, you’re more productive and can slam through them faster.

#11 - Remove any expectation of ‘instant’ with an effective auto-responder.

Often, when your clients and tenants send you an email they somehow think that you’re sitting there waiting for it, ready to respond straight away. You must change their expectation. Consider using an auto-responder such as:

Thank you for your email. I am currently attending to general property management matters, inspections etc. and may be away from the office throughout the day and unable to reply for the rest of the day, however, you can expect a reply within 24 hours.

If the matter is urgent or you require immediate attention, please contact our office on (number).

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