50-Plus Things You Can Include in Your New Tenant Gift Hamper

50-Plus Things You Can Include in Your New Tenant Gift Hamper

Creating a great first impression with your tenants sets the platform for a successful relationship going forwards.

Many agents struggle with the thought of giving a gift hamper to their tenants, as the agency doesn’t want to wear the cost of such, but they also mistakenly believe their owners won't want to pay for it either.

However, you will be surprised to know that there are several agencies that do ask their owners to pay for their gift hamper.

When approached they say to their clients, “We like to set the scene for a great tenancy and part of this is to give your tenants a welcome gift worth $X. We have specially selected and shopped certain items that your new tenants will appreciate and it will start the tenancy off with goodwill’”

When it is placed in this light, owners are happy to pay. But it does come down to the how you broach the topic.

We asked our Facebook audience...

We recently asked our Facebook audience for some of their best ideas for things to place into a tenant induction gift hamper.

The following list is what they all came up with.

We hope that it inspires your creativity. We know that your new tenants will appreciate the thought.

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1. Hand-written welcome card
2. Pen
3. Notepad
4. Branded keyring with torch
5. Copy of the RTA!
6. Mouse mats
7. Colourful coffee mugs
8. Colouring kids pack
9. Small pot plant
10. Scented/gift candles
11. Pizza vouchers
12. Local take-away vouchers
13. Map showing local after-hours chemists, doctors, car-repair services etc
14. Local council guide
15. Custom made lollipops
16. Mouth-watering cupcakes
17. Jar of condiments (caramelised onions, tomato relish etc)
18. Block/ box of chocolate
19. Packet of TimTams
20. Breakfast packs
21. Pack of lollies and/or mints
22. UHB Milk- small carton
23. Tea bags
24. Coffee bags
25. Sugar sachets
26. Plastic tea spoon, stir sticks
27. Tissues
28. Chux cloth/Dish cloth
29. Small bottle dishwashing powder/liquid
30. Bleach
31. Matches
32. Packet sponges
33. Spare light bulbs
34. Bottled water
35. Pink champagne
36. Bottle of wine
37. Cookies
38. Furniture felt pads
39. Anti bacterial wipes
40. Shampoo and conditioner
41. Bar soap
42. Magazine
43. Ratsak
44. Weed killer
45. Antrid
46. Branded squeegee
47. Mouse trap
48. Basket (and place everything in it)
49. Bucket (and place everything in it)
50. Clothes pegs
51. Roll of toilet paper
52. A couple of bin bags

Happy Shopping!


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