How to Stay Safe in PM - 19 Property Managers Speak Up

How to Stay Safe in PM - 19 Property Managers Speak Up

There’s no doubt property management has risks to personal safety- and at all times we must be aware of what those risks are so we can avoid and minimise them.

Recently we went to our Facebook property manager audience and asked them what’s their very best tip they could give to minimise their risk.

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You have got to trust your 'gut instinct'!

Some people get so angry especially in court. Walk away; don't let anyone rattle you. Safety first at all times.
~Elaine Danson

Always trust your gut; if it doesn't feel right, it usually isn't. Always leave a printed outlook appointment on keyboard with appointment times when out of office. Always take names and contact numbers before, or at, Open Homes. Download ‘Track my iPhone/Samsung’ (this was very useful when leaving my phone at an Open Home - now which of the 18 Opens did I leave it at...).
~Lynette Cassidy

I always listen to my "gut feeling" and if a property, person or situation feels unsafe, LEAVE or DON'T APPROACH! I also look for "tell-tale signs" when entering a property and if it seems a bit dodgy, approach with caution! I do this especially when I suspect there may be dogs on site that I'm not aware of.
~Sonia Kowalski

Trust your instincts, everyone has them. If it sounds, looks or feels unsafe, walk away. You can always return with a second person. Nothing is more important than your safety.
~Rachael Johnson

Trust your gut instinct, if something doesn't feel right then leave the property!!!
~Debbie McKay

Always trust your gut or instinct, [it is] usually right. Never back yourself into a corner and always have a planned escape if needed.
~Barbara Morley

‘Alarm’ yourself and let everyone know where you are!

I have a personal alarm that I carry with me at all times when I’m out and about. We also have a system in our office where we can call the office and ask for "the red folder" which means ‘I need help, call the police now’. If we know something's dodgy, we take someone with us, but sometimes you don't know until it's too late.

Also, always keep your calendar up to date so others know where you are and what time you're expected back.
~Jessica Portia Reynolds

We all have the ‘Daniel Morcombe Help Me’ free app on our devices as they are always in our hands. Press the button on the icon and it messages 2 contacts and Google maps them your location.
~Giulia Kareta

We have a help app on our phones that sends a text to 2 people saying we need help with a map of our location.
~Fiona King

I use an app called bSafe. It's amazing and you can "check in" where it sends the address you’re at to a specific individual.
~Emily Mould

All of our cars have a fitted locator - also tells our boss how fast we drive, excessive acceleration and braking.
~Jade Kilpatrick

Always tell someone where you will be.
~Jodi Harbinson

Get the guys in blue to assist you!

In SA you can call the police and ask for a Standby Break of Peace. They will send a patrol to meet you at a property if you fear for your safety and stay with you. Usually lets tenants know you means business and won’t be intimidated.
~Giulia Kareta
Don’t park in the driveway!

Never park in the driveway - you could be blocked in if you need an easy getaway. Always lock yourself in the house if alone. Have a code word with the office if you need help. Never put yourself into a position you don't feel comfortable just for the sake of your job. No job is worth your life.
~Toni McNaughton

Never allow anyone to block your access point. Always position yourself near exits.
~Tina Fender

Some other great tips

I always open the house for inspections and let the prospective tenants enter in front of me. When doing routines and using keys I never fully open the front door until I have yelled out in case of a sleeping dog. When conducting final inspections I enter and then lock the door behind me until I feel comfortable completing the internals, before going outside. Warrants I try not to get involved with conversation, let the police do the talking. Do not become friends with tenants or friends on Facebook. If it feels uncomfortable or suspicious walk away and return with another person. Never park in the drive always park in front of the property without obstructions. Carry your phone.
~Shirley van Heurck

Take a partner if you think there may be an issue.
~Troy Summers

Never have your back to someone.
~Heather Sewell


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