70-Plus Things to Carry in Your PM Car Kit

70-Plus Things to Carry in Your PM Car Kit

A property manager is very busy on the road, and needs to be able to get as much done without taking unnecessary tasks back to the office.

I believe a property manager should always have a kit they carry with them in the car to be able to do quick and easy tasks that would only take a few minutes. This could save the need to get an owner or tenant to return to rectify an issue and stop you having to go back to the office and contract a cleaner/issue work order for a small job. Most of the time the small task is too big to be ignored otherwise complications will arise later.

Some property managers would argue “Well, I’m not paid enough to be a cleaner!”

My response to this is “No you’re not a cleaner or handyman, but would it take up more time to get the owner/tenant back again or even worse, waste time to get in a cleaner at owner/tenant cost that would normally take you a couple minutes to rectify yourself?”

The point is that it’s all about the little things that are too big to be ignored, but small enough that the most efficient way is to do them yourself and they’re done!

With that in mind, we ran a Facebook post asking our PM audience all the different things they carry in the car.

This list is very comprehensive and its purpose is simply for you to choose what works for you.

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Here are 70-plus things you could choose from to place into your PM Car Kit:

Cleaning Products

Cleaning cloth/Chux
Floor cleaner
Dustpan and brush
Mini mop
Exit mould


Mini vacuum
Lock boxes
Chain cutter
Cordless drill and drill bits
One flat head and one Philips head screwdriver
Stanley knife
Laser spirit measure
Tape measure
Variety of screws and nails
Moisture meter

Quick Repairs

Hot and cold sticky tap labels
Graphite powder
Variety of sandpaper
Sample pot ceiling white paint
Goo off
Magic eraser (scuff mark remover)
Lock lubricant

Personal Care

Rubber gloves
Plastic disposable booties / shoe covers
First aid kit
Hand wipes
Kneel board
Bottle of water
Folding chair/s
Insect repellant
Hand sanitizer
Disposable rain poncho
Hand towel and soap

Home Presentation

Toilet paper
Variety of batteries (AA, AAA, 9V)
Door stoppers
Light globes
Telescopic pole with mirror
Selfie stick to take pictures of roof and gutters
Air freshener/deodorizer
Blind top clip inserts
Blind weights
Rubbish bags
Small garden spade / planting tools
Razor scraper


Keyrings, tags and labels
Permanent marker
Metal spike (hole starter – for ‘for rent’ sign)
For rent sign
Zip ties
Paper towel
Tent peg (for water meter lids)
Insect spray

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