Daily Task Manager Free Tool

Daily Task Manager Free Tool

This is possibly the greatest time management tool that a property manager can use. I have used this simple but very effective tool for years, to easily plan and achieve what I need to do for the day ahead.

Tip: Print this off and bind it into a booklet 20-30 pages at a time! 

How to use this tool effectively

Step One - Ensure everything you need to do is recorded into one complete source like a notebook, outlook or google tasks- no one can remember everything so ensure everything is recorded in writing!

Step Two - At the end of the day before, or the start of the day record what you need to achieve for that coming day.

Ensure the things that MUST be achieved are written down into the shaded area of the Daily Task Manager.

Then also add your must-do phone calls, emails and lower priority tasks into their sections. This is only what you need to do TODAY.

Step Three - Ensure your Daily Task Manager is placed in a prominent place on your desk so you can keep checking and referring to it to ensure you are just focussing on your most important tasks!

Ignore anything that is not on this plan, unless it must be attended to (add it to this list if necessary).

Step Four - The next day simply tear out the page you have worked on, and re-write up a fresh one, transferring over the low priority tasks that didn't get completed.

Step Five - Do this every day and develop a fantastic time management habit for life!

Now, go and feel great, get organised and stay in control! 

Click here to download the Daily Task Manager


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