Property Managers Need to Ditch Their Mobile Phones After-Hours!

Property Managers Need to Ditch Their Mobile Phones After-Hours!

Commenting on our Facebook page, PMs divulged how banning phones after hours helped with their happiness and didn’t harm their business. asked property managers what they thought of the idea of switching off phones after hours.

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The PM community revealed their thoughts on the controversial issue:

One main point of contact

My team have work mobiles that are turned off when they leave at night and on weekends. I respond to any after hour’s issues. I want my team to switch off and come back refreshed the next day! – posted by Hayley Mitchell

Strong systems and clear information

If your systems are set up correctly and tenants have access to information when they need it and they've been inducted properly, there's no need to have a property manager on call. They have a life too and given they often work more hours than they're paid, they need their time off – posted by Jodie Stainton

Setting a standard

Why are tenants still requiring your action outside hours? Do you expect your accountant, lawyer or doctor to answer your calls after 5pm when they are at home? I believe that most of us are professionals and that we should expect that we be respected for the hard work that we do. If we set the standard then the clients will adhere. I've found proper tenant/leaser inductions with proper systems in place for foreseeable emergencies eliminates the need for calls, especially the unnecessary ones after hours – posted by Leeanne Barker

Emergency tradespeople

Absolutely!!! Turn it off and make tenants aware to call emergency tradesman!! Also trust the emergency tradesman to do the right thing – posted by Alice Endersby McSweeny

Educating clients and tenants

My staff don’t have mobiles and no after hours calls are needed. My number is the contact after hours! You can control this and unless it's urgent everything can wait! We don't have any mobile phones for PMs. Educate tenants and clients. Owners need to support this and staff – posted by Sylvia Presepio

Lesson learnt

My phone goes off as soon as I leave the office. After 25 years I agree that after hour’s calls, bad time management and no office procedures are huge contributors to burn-out. With good systems in place there is no need to take after hour calls – posted by Rachael Johnson

Avoiding mobile phones

We don't have mobiles, we have office desk phones and that's all that's needed. We have over 1400 properties under management and email and desk phones are definitely enough. We utilise great computer programmes to book inspections. Some tenants can really abuse the mobile system and that extra pressure isn't needed – posted by Stacie Wilson

Limiting contact

100% agree. My staff don't have access to mobiles or emails after work. A well-structured property management department should ideally be 8:30 - 5:30 with an hour lunch break. Time management, organizational skills and knowledge go along way in achieving this. The more available you make your self to clients the more available they will want you to become. Customer service standard guidelines set out from the beginning of the business relationship will ensure your clients and you are on the same page. You can't disappoint if you haven't promised it – posted by Kylie Maxwell

Mobile phones needed for new-age business model

My phone is on 24/7 and I must say I don't get many after hour calls except for prospective tenants in which we pride our business model to be available after hours so we can rent properties to working tenants who aren't allowed to view properties between 9-5pm – posted by Tracy N Mike Bold

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