How to Justify a Better Internet Marketing Fee (Part Two)

How to Justify a Better Internet Marketing Fee (Part Two)

Make sure you have checked out part one of this article which outlines how to use another effective script to win your fee.

Do you have competitors that charge little to nothing?

Consider this script:

Mr. Smith, we are aware that other agencies do charge little (or a much smaller fee) to no fee to market and rent your property.

I think we can agree that you get what you pay for, so it is possible that their marketing may be very basic with very little promotion element at all, if any!

What is important is that good internet marketing gets your property rented sooner. After all, every week that it’s vacant, it will cost you $(Rent amount) per week, or about 2% of your annual rental income return!

If your property is vacant for 5 weeks, this represents approximately 10% of your annual rental income.

I think we can agree that you can’t afford to have an ineffective (or cheap) internet promotion of your property!

We use (list all the internet sites you are listed upon) plus also any other promotion you do (Facebook, window advertising etc.).

Our internet marketing fee of $X, we believe represents great value.


Let’s all agree, the internet isn’t free!

My final point is that using an effective property search website/portal isn’t free, so we can’t justify failing to on-charge that cost.

There are costs associated with using these services for your agency, especially the most popular property search website in Australia, the costs are substantial (and rising regularly) and this is not even taking into consideration the time and effort by your staff to create, upload and manage the advertising!

Remember, set the fee you believe that you are worth. You need to believe that you are worth it in order to know how to justify it.

All the best!


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