Four Steps to Calm the Chaos in Your Rent Roll

Four Steps to Calm the Chaos in Your Rent Roll

Whenever I'm asked to consult in a rent roll where there's chaos, inefficiencies and problems, to untangle the mess in most cases the diagnosis is the following:

1- Get the right people FIRST - 'hire slow and fire fast'- put up with the problems of being one staff member down rather than compromise and hire someone too quickly! Always choose short term pain for long term gain, not the other way round!

2- Get the right structure - make sure your right people are now doing the right things! Get #1 and #2 working and you're 80% on the way to calming the chaos.

3- Get the right systems - have a written process with procedures and checklists to ensure the process happens right the first time, and as efficiently as possible!

4- Get the right accountability - have KPI's, regular team meetings and reporting so you can manage your business effectively. Remember - what doesn't get measured, doesn't happen!

All the best in gaining control in your rent roll!

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