Eight Irrefutable Attributes of a Property Manager

Eight Irrefutable Attributes of a Property Manager

We know that too many real estate principals employ property managers simply on experience alone without taking any other factors into consideration.

We learnt that this approach leads to problems because hiring solely on experience can lead to incompetent and negligent property managers being employed through ignorance of the candidate's possession of the attributes required for the role.

So what are the factors that should be considered when employing? These are what we believe are eight key attributes and the active ingredients that must be sought in a new property manager, whether experienced or not.

1. Positive Attitude - A positive attitude seeks a solution to every problem, and in turn drives the property manager to excellence. A positive and flexible attitude is always in sync with quality performance, which can only bring the right results.

2. Customer Service Focus - This is the ability to prioritise the needs of the client, and place them at the forefront of what they do. It is a sense of urgency, and it is hard-wired into the core values of the individual. They either have it or they don’t!

3. Time and Task Management Skills - A demonstrated ability with prioritising, planning and multi tasking. This involves the person recording everything that they need to do, and then prioritising and completing planned tasks in order of importance and difficulty.

4. Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills - Equipped with people skills to put others quickly at ease in a difficult situation, and bring things to a favourable conclusion. Looking for a win-win situation wherever one is possible.

5. Accuracy and Attention to Detail - The dedication to being thorough with documentation, file notes and following set procedures. Ensuring that every loose end is tied, and every task is brought to a timely conclusion, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

6. Computer and Keyboard Skills - A reasonable typing speed and basic understanding of core Microsoft applications, in particular Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. If they have experience with your office trust account computer program, then this is an added bonus!

7. Initiative and Problem Solving - The ability to find solutions in complex and difficult situations. This requires initiative and confidence, and is ultimately fine-tuned with the right experience. The property manager must not have a low IQ as even a great attitude does not compensate should this attribute be missing!

8. Professional Presentation and Manner - Observed during the interview, the way that they present must not be different from what your clients will be expecting; professionalism!

Just because a person is experienced, it does not mean that they have all of the attributes that will result in the role being performed competently and completely.

Recruit on attributes and you will not be disappointed. Go for it!


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