40-Plus Things You Can Include in Your PM Listing Kit

40-Plus Things You Can Include in Your PM Listing Kit

A PM listing kit is something you don’t see too often these days. Too many property managers and business development managers (BDMs) don’t use a visual display of their services or show examples of property management in action.

The ‘show and tell’ just becomes a ‘tell’ missing the stronger impact of an added visual presentation.

Whether you prefer an electronic iPad presentation or a hard-copy presentation folder, display is up to you, however showing an example of how you practice property management is essential.

In any case, here’s a comprehensive list of all the different things you can possibly have in your Listing Kit. Pick and choose what will work best for you!

Property Letting

• Print off of a good example of your property marketing internet page or property website
• Example of your office listing form (properties for rent form)
• Example of print off showing hit rate on property marketing pages

Tenant Selection

• Front page of application (expectations for tenant)
• Application form example
• Application processing form- where you record your findings
• Tenant default data base promo flier
• Page example of listing on default database (with personal details of tenant deleted)

Tenant Induction/Sign Up

• Tenancy Agreement/Schedule
• Office Special Conditions
• PCR/Ingoing Inspection example with photos
• Key record photocopy example
• Pet Lease Agreement
• Repairs and Maintenance Policy
• Emergency Repairs Policy
• Rent Payment Policy
• Consumer Affairs booklet
• Office Guide to Renting (Tenant Info)
• Bond Lodgement Form
• Tenant Handbook example

Routine Inspections

• Routine Inspection letter to tenant
• Tenant Checklist/Guide to Inspection
• Inspection Report example with Photos
• Tenant written feedback example

Lease Renewal

• Example of comparative rental analysis to ensure renewal rent is maximised
• Example of renewal request form to owner/tenant

Rent Payment Control

• Flow Chart of Rent Arrears Process
• Rent control letters example
• Statistics of your rent arrears success- percentages and results


• Clause from Residential Tenancies Act explaining landlord obligations
• Maintenance Request Form example
• Work Order to Tradesperson example

Tenant Vacating

• Letter to tenant confirming vacating
• Final Inspection Guide/Checklist
• Example of Final Inspection report (how it is done, showing typical comments)
• Bond Refund Form
• Water calculation form

Other Support Forms, Examples and Ideas

• Customer Service Standards
• Guarantee of Service
• Landlord Insurance flier and photos of ‘trashed properties’
• Negative ‘photos’ of results of properties managed by ‘Cheaper Agents’
• Property Owner’s Handbook
• Tenant Handbook
• Tradesperson’s Handbook/list of expectations
• Schedule of Fees / Fee packages

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